Of British Inspiration


Father Ubu 3.5%  A British-style bitter brewed with dark candy sugar. Notes of ripe pear, vanilla, and marmalade. Served at cellar temp.      16oz. 4.5    20oz. 5.


Queen Anne – 4.5% - Our dry stout. Smooth malt body, hints of coffee, low bitterness.     16oz. 4.5     20oz. 5


Golden Eternity - 3% A light British style bitter, brewed with a generous dose of Bramling Cross and Hersbrucker hops for a bright, herbal, and lightly fruity aroma. Served at cellar temp.   16oz  4.5      20oz  5.


Stubb – 7.5% A rich robust porter with notes of chocolate syrup, fresh ground coffee, vanilla and anise.     16oz. 6.5.     20oz. 7.5


Kinch – 6% - Our take on an India Pale Ale. Full of hop flavor and aroma without being aggressively bitter.  16oz.  6.50       20oz.  7.50


Of Belgian Inspiration


Nalanda (Barrel-Aged)  – 6% A golden saison brewed with lemon grass and Indian palm sugar. Aged in wine barrels for roughly 8 months.          16 oz.  6             20oz.  7



Upward Facing Eyes – 5%   Inspired by Belgian Saison and German Berliner Weisse; a lightly hoppy ale with a clean sourness, spiced with refreshing lime zest, juice and fruit.      

16 oz. 5.5         20 oz. 6


Saison de Pardieu – 3.6% A brewed in collaboration with our friend and brewer Ben Potts. A dark saison showcasing Galaxy, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops.       16oz  5.5    20oz  6




64 oz. Screw Top Growler – 5

Beecher House Glass – 7

Moeder Saison Goblet - 9

Crew Neck T-Shirt – 20

Zip Up Hoodie – 45