Of British Inspiration


Whompet – 5% A hoppy ale brewed with malted wheat, Amarillo, Cascade, and Hull Melon. Notes of oranges, honeydew and pear.  16oz. 5.5           20oz. 6


Phinaes – 4.2%  A refreshing hoppy ale brewed with Czech Saaz and Hull Melon Hops. Notes of floral hops, pear, and honeydew. 16oz.  5     20oz.  5.5    64oz.  16.5


Bloom – 4% An amber-hued, hoppy English Bitter. Subtle notes of caramel malt and earthy hops.  Served at cellar temp.    16oz.  4.5     20oz   5.


Village of the Sun – 7% A juicy IPA with an intense hop aroma and flavor full of wild citrus, kiwi, melon, and pine. Served at cellar temp.   16oz.  6.5   20oz.  7.5



Of Belgian Inspiration


Freyia – 4.2% Saaz hops give this saison a floral, aromatic quality. Fermented solely with yeast cultured from neighborhood mulberry, cherry tree, and honeysuckle.      16 oz. 5.5         20 oz. 6     64oz.  18


Yggdrasil – 5% Fermented with our foraged culture, this amber saison has notes of damp earth, ripe fruit, and floral herbs.  16oz.  5.5    20oz.  6     64oz.  18


Cosette – 4% A light farmhouse ale brewed with malted spelt and a thoughtful blend of spices.

16oz. 5.5         20oz. 6       64oz.    18





Lunaire Glass - 6.5

Beecher House Glass – 7

Moeder Saison Goblet - 9

Crew Neck T-Shirt – 20

Zip Up Hoodie – 45