Of British Inspiration


Double Dan P A – 7.7% Two Dans threw more than 30 pounds of fruity American and Australian hops in this beer. Notes of grapefruit, vanilla, tangerine, and white grapes.        16oz   7            20oz   7.5


Telemachus – 10% A golden Barley-Wine brewed with orange blossom honey. Notes of ripe grapes, toffee, and citrus fruits. Served at cellar temp.     10oz    7.


Rum Barrel-Aged Gmork – 8.5% Our lush imperial stout spent a few months conditioning in freshly emptied rum barrels. Notes of cacao, coconut, vanilla, chocolate syrup, and clean booze.      10oz   7


Of Belgian Inspiration


St. Mary 6.5%  A classic saison with a  crisp dry finish, hints of pepper and noble hops. Fermented with foraged yeast and naturally carbonated.

16oz   6            20oz   7


Critical Path 5.5%  A blonde saison brewed with buckwheat honey and fermented with our foraged yeast culture. Delicate floral and earthy notes.    

16 oz. 5.5         20 oz. 6


Saison Bonne – 4.8% - A golden saison with a pronounced English hop character; fermented with our foraged yeast culture.     16oz. 5.5       20oz. 6


Solaire – 4.5%  A straw colored, brightly hoppy saison brewed with malted spelt. Now fermented with our foraged yeast culture.

16 oz. 5         20 oz. 5.5


Of German Inspiration


Morla – 5% Inspired by British Porters and German Schwarzbiers. Gentle notes of chocolate, plums and licorice. Served at cellar temp. 16oz  5.      20oz  5.5



Gmork Glass – 7

Moeder Saison Goblet – 9

Lunaire Glass – 6.5

Crew Neck T-Shirt – 20

Zip Up Hoodie – 45